and PAGANI Automobili présent : the new Zonda S Roadster

The new Pagani Zonda S Roadster has been revealed to the Press on March 4, 2003 at the International Geneva Motor Show.

The Zonda Roadster is the fourth model built by Pagani Automobili.

The very first Pagani was the Zonda C12, powered by a Mercedes V12 6 litre engien (400 HP) and presented in 1999. It was the first homologated car in the world built around a carbon fiber tub. Less than ten C12 were built, since it took hardly a year for Horacio Pagani to introduce the Zonda C12 « S » equipped with the new, extraordinary V12 - 7 litre engine specially developped by AMG.

Then in March 2002, Horacio Pagani presented the improved C12 S 7.3 litre, even more powerful - up to 600 HP - and with a higher torque figure (750 mN, current world record, 15% above the Enzo and Murciélago). The car is also upgraded with sophisticated ABS and Traction Control systems. The Zonda C12 S 7.3 is now acclaimed as the very best super car in the world.

The Zonda S Roadster is built around the same structure and engine as the berlinette. Structurally, the carbon composite chassis is reinforced to compensate for the removable top.

The solution retained for the roof is tipycally Pagani-style : away from the current all-automated marketing trend (always heavy, and therefore detrimental to performance and driving experience), Horacio Pagani has designed an ultra-light carbon fiber roof with textile rear part, than can easily be stowed under the front bonnet.

This element is really a joy to operate, and provides the rare pleasure of physically manipulating high-quality, engineered parts – a taste of true automotive legends, that we tend to miss on all-industrialised super cars.

The pictures above are virtual images, whereas the ones below have been taken in February 2003 at the Pagani Automobili factory.

One can see one of the first Roadsters being built. It can be noted that the removable roof integrates perfectly to the general styling of the car. The cuts in the rear bonnet are specific to the Roadster and will be finished with carbon fiber inserts. Two low-profile anti-roll bars further increase the resistance of the structure. However, the weight, due to the mastery o composite materials by the Pagani engineers, remains as low as 1280 kg.

The 19' wheels, specific to the Roadster, are built in forged aluminium, which means that they are lighter whlst enabling a more elegant design.

Only 40 Zonda Roadsters will be built. This car will therefore be the most exclusive cabriolet in the automobile history, and by far the fastest and the most outrageous : 350 kmph, zero to 60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds...

We beleive that this car will also be the most expensive spider ever marketed in history. The high quality of the design, the level of the technology, and the exclusive and advanced materials that are used fully justify the pricetag of this masterpiece: 481.500 Euros before taxes.

Horacio Pagani demonstrates that he is not only a first-class engineer (see the Zonda "racing" project), he is also an artist who brings an incredible talent and passion to the automobile world.

As for the Zonda berlinette, the Roadster will be available on special commission only. Any colour, upholstery finish and technical specification is possible.

The car exhibited in Geneva was particularly exclusive with its pale yellow ostrich skin on bright yellow paintwork.


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