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Prototype of the mighty Monte-Carlo Lamborghini, powered by a V12 Countach QuattroValvole

This fine automobile was the first GT in History wich chassis & bodywork made of Carbon composite

Autodrome offers the first ever built, and one of only three ever delivered



Marque Model Year Km Colour Summarised description €URO FFR
ALFA-ROMEO  SZ Zagato 1990   Red/black This Alfa-Romeo berlinetta boasting a provocative design , typically Zagato was an instant collector when presented. Excellent example, fresh from maintenance, available immediately.    
FACEL-VEGA  Facellia Coupé 2+2 1960   Bordeaux/Cuir noir Very rare Facellia, one of 48 built in the "short" 2+2 version. A highly collectable and prestigious French Grand Tourisme.    
FACEL-VEGA  Facellia 2+2       Wanted Facellia    
FERRARI  550 Maranello     Oro Chiaro/Light Gold The last true aspirated V12 of the golden era. Rare and sought-after manual gearbox example, extremely well preserved.    
FERRARI  365 GT/4 2+2 1974   Silver with a hint of blue / black leather [TOO LATE] One of only 390 built. A totally exclusive Ferrari Gran Turismo. Also, the last Enzo-era FERRARI V12 still below 150,000 €.    
FERRARI  375 MM - Bronze 1989   Bronze Bronze sculpture by French artist Alain Moitrier, lost-wax cast, one of only 4 artist's pieces. Founder : Susse Frères, who worked for Giacometti and Rodin    
LAMBORGHINI  350 GT 1964   Bordeaux / cream leather [TOO LATE, now sold] Very unique car : one of the first ten Lamborghini ever built, with specific construction details…A most important Classic, the source of a Legend.    
LAMBORGHINI  Design 90 - 900 cc Motorcycle 1986   Yellow / black leather [TOO LATE, sold] This mythical high-tech motorcycle bears the prestigious Lamborghini signature. 900 cc example : now sold. BUT : we also own another example, a 1000cc version.    
LAMBORGHINI  Design 90 - 1000 cc Motorcycle 1990   Yellow / black leather Incredibly rare (less than 10 ever built), this high-tech motorcycle bears the prestigious Lamborghini signature. This 1000cc version is even more powerful and exclusive than the 900 cc.    
LAMBORGHINI  Espada S2       Excellent example, with power steering, and very carefully maintained by a Lamborghini expert.    
Lamborghini  Urraco P300       Very rare (only 200 made), and very good condition.    
Lamborghini  Miura P400/P400S       Please contact us for details.    
LOTUS  Europe S1 1967   Green / black One of the 500 early S1, non-opening windows, and chassis integrated in fibreglass monocoque. Unique, original matching # condition. Please contact Autodrome Cannes : 0492991900 (    
LOTUS  Europe     Any colour WANTED : Europe/Europa first series (1966-67), cn #0001 to 0540, with integrated chassis, in original condition.    
MARCADIER  Barzoï Gullwing 1600 1969   Red / Black TOO LATE, sold. Very rare 1600 cc Gordini-powered mid-engine version, with round tubes tubular chassis, French Ttitle, road-legal. A prototype for the road…    
MASERATI  Bora 4.7 1977   Silver/Black & red leather First ever mid-engined Maserati, spectacular design by genius stylist Gugiaro, our example is one of the sought-after ''first-edition''. 160000  
MONTE-CARLO Lamborghini  Centenaire 1999   Old English White /Red leather The very first road-legal car in History with carbon-fibre chassis, one year before the Bugatti EB110. This is one of only 3 Monte-Carlo Centenaire ; powered by the V12 Lamborghini QuattroValvole.    
René Bonnet  Djet I et II       Wanted : authentic René-Bonnet Djet I or II, in any condition.    




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